The followers of Zzabur's way.

  • In this Wiki, this term is used for the communities rather than the magicians caste.
  • Although fewer than the Malkioni, their presence is significant throughout history for their powerful magic.


  • The Zzaburi women belong to the Menena Caste



  • The Zzaburi founded many philosophical schools, such as the Ekozites


  • The Zzaburi began with Zzabur's schism with Malkion
  • Zzabur's supporters then established the Republic of Zerendel
  • After the republic was destroyed, the centre of Zzaburi civilization was at Brithos with a few outposts at Akem and Arolanit.


  • Brithos dominated the Malkioni at the Dawn with the aid of the Waertagi
  • Its rule was swiftly eroded by Hrestol's revelations.
  • Several invasions were launched against Brithos; all were ultimately unsuccessful.
  • To protect Brithos, Zzabur cast the Closing
  • He then performed another spell to remove it entirely from the Inner World



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