Known as Votankiland before the founding of King Balazar.




  • There are three significant fixed settlements, the citadels of Trilus, Elkoi and Dykene.
  • The citadels are regularly fought over by the tribesmen, but enough permanent residents exist to maintain a variety of temples.


  • The people of Votanki, or Balazarings are considered primitive by other Pelorians.
  • They worship Votank and other deities suited to their primitive lifestyle. A significant minority worship Yelmalio.
  • See the list of the Votanki about the clans.



  • In mythical times, it was a part of Zarkos.
  • In the Dawn Age, the land was known as the land of "God Howl", or Arau. The dog people lived there and considered the source of slaves by Dara Happans.
  • In the Imperial Age, King Balazar founded the country and brought the cult of Tharkantus in the land. He died in the Dragonkill after he founded the three citadels.
  • In the late Modern Age it is a primitive land occupied by tribes of human hunter gatherers who mainly follow animist traditions.



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