Vormain has reckoned their history through the Imperial Houses.

  • The First Imperial House is that of Abzered
  • The first recognizable Imperial House is the August-Rise Dynasty which took power in the Storm Age
  • The August-Rise Dynasty became corrupt and known as the Stinking Dynasty
  • It was destroyed after the Great Tsunami flooded Vormain.
  • The demonic FoShan then seized power in Vormain.
  • The Foshan were expelled by the Kralori who set up KuanKal as Emperor.
  • KuanKal was in turn overthrown by Mur Vandero who set up the Thirteenth Imperial House
  • So three known dynasties stand in for eleven Imperial Houses
  • In addition, the FoShan and KuanKal may not be recognized as legitimate Imperial Houses.
  • The best possibility is that the August-Rise Dynasty was split into Imperial Houses by an unknown method.
  • A possibilitity is that when an imperial line became extinct, ie no apparent male heir, a new emperor was found among the non-imperial descendents of recent emperors.
  • That way, dynastic continuity was preserved while new houses are made; at the same time, it is a practice that later Vormaini could argue caused Vormain's corruptiuon and devastation.
  • The Thirteenth Imperial House ruled during the Gray Age and abdicated at the Dawn.
  • The Nineteenth Imperial House was founded by a lover of Vijaya
  • Despite this auspicious beginning, they are infamous.
  • The Twenty First Imperial House began when Jan Yimanu became Emperor in 1189 ST


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