A major archipelago near Vithela.


  • The Vormaini have three castes: Peasant Caste, Warrior Caste and Imperial Caste
  • Offspring between Castes is always of the lower caste.
  • The Emperor's children and grandchildren are always Imperial Caste.
  • A fourth caste, the Zenshin, exists but their children are always the caste of the zenshin's former caste.
  • Vormaini Lore


  • Vormain is ruled by an Emperor.
  • Kuyaku divided the land into twenty-two districts.
  • From the example of the Prince of Worcha, these districts are ruled by princes.


  • They worship the Joserui
  • The Zenshin assist the Emperor in serving and administering to the Joserui
  • Vormain is home to many mystical schools such as the:



Storm AgeEdit

  • After the Great Flood destroyed Abzered, Mashunasan appointed Valzain to guide Vormain.
  • Valzain tried to work with others but they betrayed him and their people attacked his.
  • Kuyaku led Vormain against the evil deities and established the peoples and customs of Vormain

Chaos AgeEdit


Gray AgeEdit

Dawn AgeEdit

Imperial AgeEdit

Modern AgeEdit

Places of InterestEdit


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