A Quadropoli hero who lived during Manimat's reign.

  • He wanted to become Emperor
  • He attempted to retrieve the Orb of the Eye and other treasures from the Hill of Gold
  • He failed dismally, with his clan overrun by Digijelm.
  • As a result, Manimat abandoned the cities.
  • Comment: since Manimat is a Darjiinian Ruler, it is may be the case that after the extinction of the Manarlavus Dynasty, the cities of Dara Happa fell under the protection of Darjiinian rulers. Vergustus was then seeking the end of shameful Darjiinian hegemony by become the rightful Emperor of Dara Happa. But to do that required the Imperial Regalia most of which lay in the hands of the Cruel God.

Source: Glorious ReAscent

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