Hero and Historian. Compiler of the Entekosiad.



Finding the AddiEdit

  • She despaired when the Red Goddess ascended, she sought to sacrifice herself in the Gerran temple.
  • Yeresa felt pity on her, took her to KarDuria.
  • She brought back Addi from the Bright Fields but was driven off by the priestesses.
  • She went around the lands again with the Stick, combining the teaching of Rufelza and the old worlds.
  • She met Jeneran and found the way to Hagu, that rekindled her final Illumination.
  • She revealed the past great priestesses, Velortina, Deveria and Elendre are all avatars of Sedenya.
  • She returned the stick to KarDuria, which was accepted by the priestesses that time.
  • She was in Orded when the Red Moon rose.