Prince of the Jrusteli, High Duke of Seshnela

  • Son of Hadalin
  • He became High Duke in 708 ST but this was not recognized by the Jrusteli Council.
  • When the Dark Empire invaded Rindland, he appointed Nralanostos as War Watcher who put them to flight with his Monks of Blood
  • His key advisors were Nralanostos, Mandalos and Varastral
  • He was censured for this appointment and censured again when he claimed divine inspiration.
  • He was asked for help by the Waertagi against the Jrusteli Confederation.
  • On the advice of his New Order advisors, Ullmal supported the Jrusteli instead.
  • The Jrusteli Council then pardoned him and recognized him as High Duke.
  • After the Battle of Tanian's Victory, the first Pithdarans appeared.
  • They claim to have come to fight the Bad God whom they called Bolongo
  • Ullmal convince them to fight against the Dark Empire but they called off the war after becoming convinced they were being deceived; they later became the Pithdarans
  • Ullmal died in 725 ST
  • Comment: Ullmal cannot have immediately succeeded Hadalin as Prince of the Jrusteli. He must have been appointed sometime after his accession as High Duke of Seshnela, most probably after the Jrusteli Council's pardon.

Source: Middle Sea Empire (Book)