A temple at Sacred Ezel

  • Also known as the Banquet of Ernalda
  • Where Ernalda gathered her companions for a feast to celebrate life and love.
  • Her companions are Orlanth, Heler, Elmal, Argan Argar, Esrola, Ty Kora Tek, Asrelia, Maran, Orane, Voria and Elmal
  • Comment: This is only eleven deities total.
  • Sacred feasts are held in the company of the Thirteen.
  • Twelve beautiful statues recline as gathered for a feast with Orlanth and Ernalda in the centre. in the corner is an obscene statue of Eurmal.
  • Its south porch has four entries stacked atop one another.
  • Greater blessings are available to people who leap into the higher entries.
  • Belintar was the last to enter the highest entry.

Source: Esrolia: the Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses

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