A Hsunchen nation who worship Wolves.


  • Most of them were cursed to be werewolves by Talor.
  • Their ancestral land is Telmoria in Ralios although they have been as far afield as Vustria
  • Other tribes are:


  • They worship Telmor
  • They have two magical traditions:


Dawn AgeEdit

  • The Telmori followed Nysalor and got his blessing.
  • Talor turned the blessing into a curse.
  • Many fled from Fronela.

Imperial AgeEdit

Modern AgeEdit

  • HonEel cursed the Telmori of Sylila and made them wolves.
  • King Sartar persuaded a tribe to join the kingdom as his royal guard.
  • Argrath hated them and hunted them down in the Hero Wars.


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