In the Autumnal Equinox of 375 ST, the Sun stopped in the Sky.

  • The Dark Red Planet rose in the sky.
  • The Mostali launched a huge balloon, Zenith to act as an observation platform to guide cables to tow the sun back on its path.
  • The Fronelan Sun's army was stricken with despair and defeated.
  • Yanoor unwittingly called upon the rune to shine upon him and became enlightened.
  • The Aldryami of Pamaltela were healed by the extra daylight to resist the blight.
  • A great net was thrown over the sun and a huge shadow, said by some to be a spider eventually occluded it before the sun moved on.
  • In Dorastor, the Perfect God Nysalor was born.
  • In Brithos, Arkat was born.

Sources: Cult Compendium, Guide to Glorantha

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