A stronghold of the Andins in what is now Kahar's Sea


Early Golden AgeEdit

Late Golden AgeEdit

  • Demons from Sortum kidnapped Ivaro's Son
  • In response, Ivaro and her watery brothers drowned the kidnappers.

Early Storm AgeEdit

  • It was re-settled by demons.

Middle Storm AgeEdit

Lesser DarknessEdit

Greater DarknessEdit


Gray AgeEdit

  • The Sons of the Bolt drove the Andins back to Sortum.
  • The Sons then attempted to storm Sortum, but were driven off.
  • They then spent 28 years in an Austerity Contests.
  • The island was afterwards stormed by three armies led by Kumanti Lun, Mon Verlo and Hua Lowchu
  • The Andins fought and fled.
  • The Sortum Legion fought and fled.
  • The Adpara summoned the dead to help them.
  • This may have included the "well-fed" Ku Lords.
  • The Sons of the Bolt received help from the dead victims of Sortum.
  • The Antigods of Sortum were defeated.
  • According to Vormaini sources, the chief demon of Sortum was Nak.


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