Sophism is the logical worldview.

  • Sophists are prominent among the Humans of the west and the Mostali.
  • There are two main schools of thought - Zzaburism the philosophy that the creative force is impersonal and Malkionism the philosophy that the Supreme Being made the world.
  • Nomenclature: Although the worldview is well established canonically, a name that unites the divergence schools and distinguishes them from other worldviews has been difficult to establish. Cults of Terror first described the worldview as Humanism while subsequent works describe the worldview as either sorcery (which contains the implication that it is evil) or wizardry (a term which clashes in terms of use in other cultures). Rationalism is flawed in that it implies falsely that other worldviews are inherently irrational. Therefore this wiki uses Sophism as being relatively neutral and at the same time alluding to the wisdom based nature of its magic.

Sources: Cults of Terror, Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars, HeroQuest

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