Great mountain range which divides the Wastes and the eastern civilized area of Genertela.


  • In the Hachuan Shan are 60,000 Hsunchen in the following tribes:


  • The people of the Shan Shan are Hsunchen.


  • Various myths are told about their origin:
  • They were created by the dance of the Dragons of the Twin Mountains
  • According to Tanyen myth, it was a part of Sensan which Imad raised.
  • According to the Kralori, these were raised by TarnGatHa, the first emperor, as a barrier to his vision to the west.
  • According to another Kralori source, they were raised in the reign of Emperor Thalurzni.
  • According to Praxian sources, Tada raised them to keep the dragons and beasts at bay.
  • In Heortling and Nar Sylla myth, they were formed by great chunks of Umath that fell off in the last battle with Jagrekriand.



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