The Demonic Emperor of Kralorela

Kralori MythologyEdit

  • He was the ruler of Chern Durel
  • He marched in with an army of demons and corpses.
  • He caused the Minister of Fire to hide himself to make the land dark and cold.
  • He then made the Black Sun black sun rise up into the sky raining blood.
  • He then warred against Teshnos and Vormain
  • He made waste the lands west of the Shan Shan
  • His army fled at the approach of Daruda
  • He learned the forbidden arts of the Sky Tyrant
  • He challenged Emperor Vayobi to a contest and threw him into the ocean.
  • He oppressed Kralorela once again before being driven off by a returned Vayobi.

Tanyen MythologyEdit

Teshnan MythologyEdit


  • The two reigns are most unusual. The Kralori explain it by saying that Daruda had blasted him into the Underworld and he came back.
  • However we know from other sources that Uz migrated into Chern Durel and we know their leaders were Dozaki and Basko
  • It seems that Sekever's second reign was actually an Uz empire that invaded Kralorela, Vormain and Teshnos with Sekever's name being recycled from the earlier reign.
  • If true, Sekever was the ruler of Blood Sun era Chern Durel whose reign was sufficiently horrendous even during the Storm Age to be reused as the supposed ruler of the Uz.
  • Following this, details from the second reign get transposed onto the first and vice versa.


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