Eight Umathelan Wars fought between Afadjann and the Aldryami.


  • They started in 1340 ST
  • The last finished in 1458 ST
  • So called because Aldryami relied on winter raids and magic.
  • The wars did not liberate Tortrica for that revolted from Afadjann in 1478 ST.


  • Eastern Umathela had been conquered by Afadjann circa 1290 ST
  • In 1322 ST, Afadjann itself was conquered by the Yranian Empire who then launched further conquests until their disappearance in 1331 ST
  • Afadjann inherited the Umathelan conquests but failed to find a peaceful resolution with the Aldryami.


  • New temples and shrines were built in High Vale

Order of BattleEdit



Affected AreasEdit


  • Gantor was so devastated by the fighting that it is still depopulated.


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