God of the Sarono Sea

  • He was summoned by Ivaro at Harantara's request to drown the kidnapper Kratapol.
  • He remained behind as Duke of the Deep and created the Sarano Sea.
  • He sent the Teljen Strait to divide Zatalumlash from Feletalash.
  • Later in fury, he summoned Seluro and Sedeni against Kahar for marrying Harantara but was *distressed after they drowned both Osdero and Abzered.
  • Thereafter he abdicated and turned over his authority to Kahar.
  • Although he is described as a brother to Ivaro, Seluro and Sedeni, the relationship between them is less than *clear given that Seluro and Sedeni have different origins.

Sources: Missing Lands, Guide to Glorantha, Revealed Mythologies

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