Three different sandals are described as being part of the Imperial Regalia:

Sandals of ProtectionEdit

  • The Sandals of Protection are associated with the Gamatae.
  • Viramakradda's recognition of them as Regalia may be little more than a reference that he was bold enough to use them in his enthronement as Emperor of Dara Happa.

Sandals of InnocenceEdit

  • The Sandals of Innocence are associated with the equestrian cities of Jillaro and Nivorah
  • It can be assumed that the Red Emperor used those Sandals at his enthronement.
  • Therefore they are some type of riding boots (but not stirrups).
  • However a problem arises in that Anaxial was also supposed to have used the same sandals.
  • Given that horses were unknown in his time, (they didn't become known in Peloria till Manarlavus's reign), it's doubtful that the Sandals of Innocence that he used are the same Sandals currently used in the Imperial Regalia.
  • As for the sandals worn by Yelm and Murharzarm, they are almost certainly not the original sandals because no horses were around then.


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