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Each articles are "summarized" form of the materials.

About the referencesEdit

  • Each Gloranthan article pages have source references labelled as "Sources" at the end of the articles. (Exception: Category:Gloranthan Dates and subcategories, Category:Gloranthan Publications and subcategories)
  • Sources can be printed materials and electrical files (html (including Blog posts), pdf and other formats).
  • Sources are "official" materials: its definition is written in the article of the Gloranthan Publications
  • Sources have pages in the Category:Gloranthan Publications
  • Sources are independent books, boxed sets, electrical files: the articles only appeared among the many other articles in the books are not categorized as a Publication.

When you find a set of conflicting sourcesEdit

  • Where the sources conflict, we would prefer:
  • That conflict is noted.
  • The reason for choosing one position over another (if such choice has to be made) described.
  • If the conflict of opinions of the editors which one is better happens, leave a message in a talk page.


  • Of course, editors are not Mostali and cannot be complete neutral personalities.
  • Some non-published and unofficial articles are left intentionally by the editors by a agreement. (Example: Kestinoros Dynasty)
  • Sometimes the definition of "Summary" is the topic of discussion among the editors.

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