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A major geographical region in north central Genertela.


  • Peloria is a wide basin dominiated by the Oslira River.
  • It is united under the Lunar Empire
  • It has a temperate climate.



  • The humans of Peloria are divided into many different cultures.
  • The basic division is between the native Pelorians (henceforth called the Lodrili) of the north and the Orlanthi of the South.
  • There are roughly 2 million Orlanthi and 5 million Lodrili.
  • Other cultures include the 900,000 strong Carmanians, the 250,000 people of Eol, the 40,000 sable riders of the Hungry Plateau and the 130,000 CharUn.
  • Currently the dominant culture is Lunar, the followers of the Lunar Way. They number 850,000 and are dispersed among other societies.







Dawn AgeEdit

  • At the Dawn, Northern Peloria was dominated by horse nomads; both Gamatae and Hyalorong
  • Southern Peloria was governed by the World Council of Friends
  • War broke out between the Horse Nomads and the World Council after Council missionaries were slain.
  • The World Council moved from Kerofinela to Dorastor to fight the war.
  • The war ended with the defeat of the Horse Nomads at the Battle of Argentium Thrile
  • The demise of the Horse Nomad hegemony allowed the Dara Happans to revive the Dara Happan Empire
  • War broke out anew between the World Council and the Dara Happan Empire
  • The World Council decided to create a God to help them rule; this decision split the council but brought peace with Dara Happa..
  • The new god was Nysalor who guided the resulting Empire of Light
  • The Empire of Light was conquered by an alliance of Orlanthi, Malkioni and Uz while [[Arkat] slew Nysalor.

Imperial AgeEdit

  • Dara Happa quickly threw out its Orlanthi occupiers but became emeshed in striggles with the Spolite Empire and Pent
  • The Orlanthi revived as the Kingdom of Orlanthland
  • Orlanthland soon became subverted by Draconism to become the EWF
  • Dara Happa was unable to resist being conquered by the EWF
  • Aid came in from Loskalmi exiles, the Carmanians
  • With Carmanian help, the EWF was expelled from Dara Happa and driven back into Kerofinela
  • Both the Carmanians and the Dara Happans then joined as the True Golden Horde to destroy the Dragons once and for all.
  • The Horde was destroyed in the Dragonkill

Modern AgeEdit

  • Although severely weakened, Carmania and Dara Happa turned on each other.
  • Carmania won the war and conquered Dara Happa.
  • To destroy the Carmanians, the Seven Mothers brought the Red Goddess to life.
  • The Goddess created Lunar Empire and an Emperor to rule it before she rose as the Red Moon.
  • The Lunar Empire crushed the Carmanians and absorbed the Dara Happans.
  • The Lunars was overthrown by the Celestial Empire
  • Only through the most desperate struggles and was Sheng defeated.
  • The resurgent Empire quickly regained the territories lost during the Seleran Wars and acquired new ones.
  • Now it has marched into Kerofinela and seeks the death of Orlanth.

Places of NoteEdit


Map of Lunar Empire


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