A species of Merfolk that live in the Western Ocean and the Banthe Sea

  • Also known as the Walrus Folk or the Seal People
  • They are gross and flabby.
  • They are powerful swimmers, capable of swimming down to the Niiadic Depths
  • They have no tusks.
  • They are classified as Cetoi
  • They are dominant in the Banthe Ocean
  • They inhabit the ice shelves of Valind's Glacier, the Neliomi Coasts and the northern Jrusteli Isles
  • Herds of them are seen in Ozur Sound
  • They live around the Vadeli Isles where they are called Sealfolk
  • 3,000 live in Kanthor's Isles in Seshnela
  • They are believed to act as scouts for the Luatha but deny it.
  • They are occasionally found swimming in the open ocean.
  • They seem unaffected by the Doom Currents
  • They are the most friendliest of merfolk.
  • They do not trust humans and are quick to flee the presence of a boat.
  • If a human can get one to trust them, the trust will spread to the herd.
  • Once gained, the Ouori will never break trust.
  • They have no material needs, no clothing and no tools.
  • They spend half their time eating and lolling about in the sun.
  • In mating season, the dominant males become belligerent and territorial to other Ouori males.
  • Such behaviour ceases after a month.
  • Females give birth to a single pup in Earth Season.
  • An Ouori birth has never been witnessed by outsiders.
  • When one does occur, the non-pregnant females gather in a tight wall, singing loud birth songs while a monstrous spirits hovers protectively.
  • Their social system is simple.
  • Authority is only gained through age, experience, and expressed wisdom.
  • The herd acts as a whole, but usually debates at length before making a decision.
  • They avoid combat but can defend themselves.
  • They worship the gods of sea and winter such as Triolina and Valind.

Source: Guide to Glorantha

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