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Glorantha Wiki

A Wiki about the fantasy world of Glorantha, created by Greg Stafford and used as the background of the following Boardgames and Roleplaying Games, such as RuneQuest, Hero Wars, HeroQuest, and the computer game King of Dragon Pass.

The most recent games that are currently adding content to this world are Heroquest: Glorantha, by Moon Design, and RuneQuest 6 by Design Mechanism. Heroquest is set at the end of the Third Age, and most references in this wiki to "current", "now", or "recent" refer to the Third Age. RuneQuest is set in the Third Age, so remember to take that into account.

To see a list of online resources, check the related articles. Additionally, you can view articles on the several rules under which Glorantha has been published, or visit the Glorantha web site which is run by Moon Design.

To write a new Glorantha Wiki article, enter the page title in the box below. Some rules based on an agreement of editors exist: see References and Conflicting Sources. This wiki has a complicated system of categories: Basic Concept and Category Style Guide will help you.

Glorantha, Heroquest, and Runequest are registered trademarks of Moon Design Publications LLC.

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