Founder of the Lendarshi Tribe.

  • Son of Hestus? (also his brother) and Zaytenia.
  • He was probably born to the Lenshi
  • He entered Pelanda at a hill called Sky-down
  • He met Queen Eloina of Utheneos
  • He defeated the Atark.
  • He gained friends from Utheneos, Hariij, the Bisosae, the Kenstratae and the Kereusi.
  • During a meeting, he and his friends were attacked by Kiyargan.
  • His friends would have fallen out over the betrayal but Lendarsh revealed that Kiyargan had been sent by Ornai, the slaves of the Kereusi.
  • After Kiyargan and his worshippers had been defeated, Lendarsh made the Great Accord to form the Lendarshi tribe.
  • He then fought a war with his brother King Hestus but had him killed by his champion Insibiso.

Source: Entekosiad

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