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A region of Genertela



  • Chern Durel is a savage land of dark blood-soaked ruins ruled by wicked humans worshipping gods best forgotten.
  • The Kralori Empire is a large wealthy and stable state governed sagely by human dragons.
  • The Shan Shan is a range of mountains occupied by the bestial Hsunchen who claim it as their first home.


Golden AgeEdit

Storm AgeEdit

  • Chern Durel fell into ignorance after Shavaya defeated the Solar Storm
  • They took up the worshiup of the Blood Sun.
  • Under Sekever, they invaded Kerandaruth and drove away Shavaya
  • They invaded other countries before bleeding themselves white.
  • Daruda restored order and established a land of draconic wisdom
  • Chern Durel erupted again with a horde of Uz and invaded Kralorela.

Chaos AgeEdit


Imperial AgeEdit

  • The God Learners then conquered the Land of Splendor and placed ShangHsa on the throne there before he turned against them.
  • Many of the faithful to the old Emperor fled to Chern Durel and expelled the Uz there to continue their struggle.
  • The expelled Uz then settled Koromandol.
  • The Closing prevented all travel by sea which suited Verenela just fine.
  • Eest was destroyed, ShangHsa cast down and Godunya installed as the new Emperor.

Modern AgeEdit



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