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Kralorela is a major country in Eastern Genertela


  • Kralorela is ruled by an immortal dragon with the aid of a vast civilian bureaucracy.
  • Kralorela can be divided into two regions, the mainland and the islands
  • Mainland Kralorela encompasses must of the eastern coast of Genertela and is drained by several large rivers.
  • The islands of Insular Kralorela are scattered among the Suam Chow and range from the tiny islands of the Gnow Chang Hia to the massive Hum Chang; the northern part of Fanzai island is also part of Kralorela.
  • West of Kralorela are the Shan Shan Mountains. North of Kralorela is Chern Durel. South of Kralorela is the Fethlon Jungle. East of Kralorela is Kahar's Sea
  • Kralorela is divided adminstratively into several provinces
  • The mainland provinces are Shiyang, Hanjan, Jaubon, Puchai and Boshan
  • The insular provinces are Kaisen, Modaings, Zon An and Wanzow
  • Kralorela has almost nine million inhabitants
  • Its urban population is concentrated in fifteen large cities; three of which are metropolises. The metropolises are Chi Ting the Imperial Capital, Sha Ming and Chang Tsai.


  • The Kralori are a Vithelan people.
  • Due to past invasions, they are xenophobic and despise foreigners.


  • Ruling Kralorela is the Emperor of Kralorela; currently this is Godunya
  • Despite the apparent omnipotence of the Emperor, he has little say in the administration of Kralorela.
  • For example Sheng Seleris ran amok in three provinces in seven years before Godunya intervened.
  • His chief role appears to be the maintenance of the Circle of Infinite Dragons to prevents the draconic establishment from inner turbulence.
  • The emperor is served by a vast civilian bureacracy of Mandarins and other important officials.
  • The Mandarins rule as Judge-Nobles - they are obeyed not because it is the law but because they are wise.
  • The Mandarins have their own servants and officials to assist their rule - such people are not members of the civil service.
  • The highest ranks of the bureaucracy are the Exarchs or Lesser Dragon Kings.
  • There are roughly a hundred Exarchs in Kralorela. Some govern provinces, others lead armies and other important Kralori institutions.
  • Several Exarchs are Archexarchs with authority over other Exarchs, such as the commander of Kralori armed forces.
  • Officials who have been disgraced are traditionally exiled to Chern Durel.



  • The ruling religion of Kralorela is the worship of the Dragons; the Kralori worship them as Gods while all the higher officials study its secrets.
  • Traditional Kralori faith stems from the gods of Abzered with Metsyla being their head.
  • A minority of Kralori follow the teachings of the sage NiangMao who once advised Shavaya
  • The Path of Immanent Mastery survives from the reign of Shang Hsa; its practitioners are mocked as being ignorant.


Storm AgeEdit

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Gray AgeEdit

  • Vashanti ruled into the Gray Age and his passing on coincided with the Dawn

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