A country in Peloria on the eastern side of the Oslira River



  • The native people of Kostaddi are farmers and townsfolk.


  • Kostaddi is ruled by the Lunar Empire as part of the Satrapy of Kostaddi. Despite the name, the satrapy covers also includes non-Kostaddi lands of Henjarl, Sanken and the Hungry Plateau.
  • The country is ruled harshly by Sable Riders from the Hungry Plateau
  • The cause of Kostaddi's misfortunes stems from its treachery during the Seleran Wars although how much of it is due to the country as opposed to the satrapy is difficult to determine. At the end of the day, normality is returned and the Emperor poisoned.


  • The satrapal army has many regiments that worship Shargash


  • Originally a country of Goat herders in the Golden Age
  • Dara Happan influence has been present since the Golden Age as evidenced by sculptures at Hargoth
  • During Murharzarm's reign, the country was governed from Senthoros.
  • During the Storm Age (or the Gray Age), Ovosto the ruler of Senthoros made himself Emperor of Dara Happa.
  • The extent of Ovosto's empire can be seen in that he exiled a rival to Darsen and had a son in Karasal.
  • During the early Jenarong Dynasty, the country was important enough to be ruled by a king. The name of one king is perhaps Gestornus.
  • During the later Jenarong Dynasty, the country was ruled by the Bright Eagle Lords.
  • Ordanestyu's wife was from Kostaddi.
  • It was conquered by Sable Riders from the Hungry Plateau in 850 ST
  • It joined the Carmanian Empire after the conquest of Dara Happa.
  • The Carmanian rule was turbulent as an appearance of the Golden Dragon was crushed there.
  • The Sable Riders apparently lost control of Kostaddi during the early Lunar Empire for they take over the satrapy in 1436 ST
  • Militaris appeared in Kostaddi in 1574 ST
  • Most recently Kostaddi revolted despite the efforts of Duke Raus. Rone was razed and Raus exiled to the Grantlands


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