These are the monarchs of Seshnela.

Serpent Kings
1Froalar Sacred Overlord -24 ST Sacred Guardian of the Land
2Ylream Sacred Lord 24 ST 27 ST  
3Thamor Sacred Lord 27 ST 73 ST From 27 ST to 39 ST, the regency
4Bertalor Sacred Lord 73 ST 89 ST
5Sonmalos Sacred Lord 89 ST 134 ST From 89 ST to 104 ST, the regency
6Mimtak Sacred Lord 134 ST 142 ST  
7Betria and BrulorQueen of Seshnelans, King of Seshnelans142 ST 150 ST  
8Anilla Queen of Seshnelans 150 ST 155 ST Sacrificing husbands
9Neeilin King of Seshnelans 155 ST 156 ST  
10Gothimus King of Seshnela 156 ST 168 ST First Hrestoli king
11Torphing King of Seshnela 168 ST 186 ST  
12Hodramal King of Seshnela 186 ST 191 ST  
13Vritos King of Seshnela 191 ST 193 ST Called “Usurper”
14Valothir King of Seshnela 193 ST 194 ST  
Silver Empire
15Lofting King of Seshnela, Lord of the Silver Empire194 ST 247 ST  
16Kilgalor King of Seshnela, King of the Silver Empire247 ST 252 ST  
17Nirgalor King of Seshnela, Emperor of the Silver Empire252 ST 285 ST  
18Ureilo Emperor of the Silver Empire 285 ST 286 ST  
19Palangtar King of Seshnela 286 ST 291 ST  
20Ahmosing King of Seshnela 291 ST 309 ST  
21Rapitor King of Seshnela 310 ST 314 ST  
22Ingalor King of Seshnela, King of Nolosior314 ST 326 ST  
23Iwerlos King of Seshnela 309 ST 369 ST From 309 ST to 326 ST, the regency
24Gwaloring King of Seshnela 369 ST 390 ST Sunstop, Gaalth's coming
25Vilos King of Seshnela 390 ST 395 ST  
26Blastring King of Seshnela 395 ST 408 ST  
27Healwelf King of Seshnela 408 ST 415 ST  
28Hermalor King of Seshnela 415 ST 432 ST  
29Grimnos King of Seshnela 432 ST 449 ST  
30Talmakos King of Seshnela 451 ST 453 ST  
Flame Kings
31Gerlant King of Seshnela 453 ST 500 ST Hero of the Gbaji Wars
32Nralar the Old King of Seshnela 501 ST 603 ST Called “Old”
33Nepur King of Seshnela 604 ST 632 ST  
34Bretnos King of Seshnela 632 ST 660 ST  
35Relam King of Seshnela 661 ST 666 ST  
36Pamalar Duke of Frowal 666 ST 673 ST  
37Hymat Duke of Frowal 674 ST 676 ST  
38Thyerm King of Tanisor, King of Seshnela677 ST 679 ST  
39Grodlam Duke of Malkonwal 680 ST 681 ST  
40Trymir Commander of the Army of Rightness680 ST 689 ST Jrusteli occupation
41Hadalin High Duke of Greater Seshnela 689 ST 708 ST From 689 ST to 702 ST, Manager of Greater Seshnela
42Ullmal High Duke of Greater Seshnela 708 ST 725 ST  
43Saval Champion of Malkion, Sacred Overlord729 ST 734 ST Originally, Count of Orphalsket, from Damolsons
44Annmak King of Seshnela 734 ST 751 ST Peacemaker
45Meipal King of Seshnela 751 ST 754 ST Squandered
46Orvansfal King of Seshnela 755 ST 768 ST  
47Svalak King of Seshnela 768 ST 789 ST  
Emperors of the Land and Sea
48Svagad Emperor of the Land and Sea 789 ST 805 ST  
49Modos Emperor of the Land and Sea 805 ST 816 ST  
50Miglos Emperor of the Land and Sea 816 ST 823 ST Fatal Project
51Suilmant Emperor of the Land and Sea 823 ST 838 ST  
52Brailach Emperor of the Land and Sea 838 ST 859 ST  
53Darangram Emperor of the Land and Sea 859 ST 870 ST  
54Triosos Emperor of the Land and Sea 870 ST 887 ST  
55Keralamalos Emperor of the Land and Sea 887 ST 901 ST  
56Ilotos Emperor of the Land and Sea 901 ST 919 ST Most Unlucky King
57Daros Emperor of the Land and Sea 919 ST 930 ST  
58Celakos Emperor of the Land and Sea 930 ST 946 ST  
59Hekaos Emperor of the Land and Sea 946 ST 958 ST  
60Benalos Emperor of the Land and Sea 958 ST 973 ST  
61Bajenyl Emperor of the Land and Sea 973 ST 990 ST  
62Tualon King of Seshnela 990 ST 991 ST  
63Englos King of Seshnela 991 ST 999 ST  
64Deliam King of Seshnela 999 ST 1016 ST  
65Hisvok King of Seshnela 1016 ST 1027 ST  
66Fioros King of Seshnela 1027 ST 1043 ST Most Peaceful King
67Nanos King of Seshnela 1043 ST 1045 ST  
68Halifor King of Seshnela 1045 ST 1049 ST  
Bailifes Dynasty
1Bailifes King of Seshnela 1414 ST 1431 ST "Hammer", Duke of Rindland
2Bailifes II King of Seshnela 1431 ST 1435 ST  
3Ulianus II King of Seshnela 1435 ST 1449 ST  
4Ulianus III King of Seshnela 1449 ST 1465 ST  
5Urfenthos King of Seshnela 1465 ST 1483 ST Ditcher's Rebellion
6Urfenthos II King of Seshnela 1483 ST 1494 ST  
7Ulianus IV King of Seshnela 1494 ST 1509 ST  
8Vikard King of Seshnela 1509 ST 1520 ST  
9Lofting II King of Seshnela 1520 ST 1545 ST  
10Lofting III King of Seshnela 1545 ST 1552 ST  
11Feliest King of Seshnela 1552 ST 1574 ST  
12Svalanigos King of Seshnela 1574 ST 1590 ST  
13Lofting IV King of Seshnela 1590 ST 1607 ST  
14Guilmarn the FatKing of Seshnela 1607 ST - 


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