Historical Dara Happa Dynasty that ruled during the Dawn Age.

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Dynastic IssuesEdit

Khordavu had two known sons, Khormesha the Shining and Anirmesha. Khormesha died before Khordavu and so Anirmesha took over as Emperor. After Anirmesha dies, the throne then passes to Wanthanelm and then to Anirdavu. Since only people within four generations of an Emperor could themselves become Emperor, there were only two other people eligible to for the Throne at the time of Khordavu's ascension and their children would not be eligible. Hence the earliest candidates after Khordavu must be his direct descendants.

During the middle of the Dynasty, Erraibdavu was murdered and was succeeded in dubious circumstances by Mahzanelm. Given the similarity of his name to Wanthanelm, it seems likely that he was a son or younger brother of the disgraced Wanthanelm. Since Mahzanelm was described as a cousin of Anirdavu, Wanthanelm must have been a) another son of Khordavu or b) a son of Khormesha. A third possibility, that Wanthanelm was a son of Anirmesha, is unlikely because the compiler of the Fortunate Succession would have then described Mahzanelm as the Emperor's cousin rather than refer to him as his father's cousin.

Another quirk in the succession comes after Khorzanelm's death. The new emperor, although said to be his son, is Radaidavu implying that he is descended from Erraibdavu. The Fortunate Succession states that he was chosen for his revulsion for war. Some support (although slight) comes from the History of the Dara Happan Army where he is slandered as "no father's son" among other flaws.

Likewise the last Emperor of the Dynasty has a strikingly new name root -estyu that is only shared with Ordanestyu and the Erzanestyu Dynasty, not his reported predecessors. Neither Ordanestyu or the subsequent dynasty actually claims any kinship with him yet Ordanestyu was clearly chosen by the occupying Orlanthi despite his claims of only belonging to a minor house and descent from an emperor who lived nearly two centuries years before (meaning every father would have to be at least sixty before the new son was born in order to satisfy the four generation rule).

So who was Anirestyu descended from? One possibility is Nysalor who was acknowledged when he was alive as an aspect of Yelm.