Emperor of Dara Happa of the Jenarong Dynasty


  • The two main sources about Kestinenodos conflict, particularly on his attitude to Avivath
  • Although the Glorious ReAscent is quite hostile, the Sack of Ganthens cannot be easily dismissed as a fabrication.
  • Common to both sources is Avivath's second meeting with Kestinendos
  • The Glorious ReAscent places this before the sack of Ganthens and the Fortunate Succession after.
  • However the Glorious ReAscent account in describing Avivath's second appearance qualifies it with later, meaning that it could have happened after the sack.
  • If so, Avivath appeared to Kestinendos after the sack causing him to express remorse; Plentonius decided to obscure certain details to blacken his name.