Emperor of Dara Happa of the Jenarong Dynasty

  • Called "Breaker of Walls"
  • He was a relative of Gestornus.
  • Fell on the kinsmen of Dardaggus and slew them. He captured the Imperial Regalia
  • He became Emperor with the Jenarong Rites in 125 ST.
  • He married Iveneria, the daughter of Kestinmodos, and had a son Kestinendos
  • He tried to end the war with the World Council of Friends and invited some missionaries. But when they profaned it, he was forced to kill them.
  • He invited Avivath to preach but turned against him after the latter's preaching proved unacceptable.
  • He tried to worship Antirius but was forbidden by Avivath because he worshipped Deseeti and suppressed the worship.
  • He besieged Avivath in Jeanthus for a whole year.
  • When he discovered that Avivath had escaped the siege, he tore the walls down.
  • He was cursed with a bad illness after fighting Kestinmodos. His flesh fell off his bones.
  • He besieged Hematuran to punish the people who had cursed him; Kestinmodos and priests of Antirius
  • He catapulted his wife over the walls as punishment but she survived.
  • He died during the siege in 136 ST


  • His eligibility is not described. A good possibility is that he was a great-grandson of Vuranostum since his sons were killed by Orlanth and his grandsons were killed by Huradabba. Such a relationship would still be eligible for the throne.
  • He may be the King of Darjiin and the betrayer of Gestornus, the King of Kostaddi to Dardaggus. Since Dardaggus was descended from Gerruskoger, the initial conspiracy of Gestornus and Kerunebbe (both Hyalorings) against him is plausible while Kerunebbe's betrayal surprising to Gestornus.