Hunting deity.

  • He bore the spear Longarm.
  • He slew a Sabretooth Cat with his father's Thunder Rock.
  • He killed a herd of Mammoths or Mastodons by herding them into pits - this may be the Test of the Pelandan Hinds.
  • He then ran down the Long Legs
  • Finally he hunted down the Vixen although he was forced to seek Orogeria's help.
  • He remained with Orogeria and founded the Denjulae.
  • He hunted down the Firberra invoking the wrath of GanEstoro.
  • GanEstoro threw a Death Dart at Kenstrata but the hunter turned it away.
  • GanEstoro then took Purendi, the son of Kenstrata and Orogeria, and turned him into a deer.
  • In grief, Kenstrata and Orogeria gave everything they had to GanEstoro.
  • He repaid them by sending their child to them in a form they did not recognize whereupon they ate him.

Sources: Entekosiad

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