Father of the Zabdamar.

  • Originally a storm spirit, Kahar courted Harantara but her uncle Sarono refused him to marry her.
  • So Kahar studied Stillness to impress him with the help of Osdero.
  • After winning his beloved's hand, Sarono called upon his brothers Seluro and Sedeni for aid.
  • They responded by drowning Abzered and killing Osdero whereupon a horrified Sarono helped the new couple to escape to the Isle of Virtue and gave them control over the new sea.
  • Fathered Hessa Mevala and Talrantara
  • Since the male Zabdamari specialise in Animism, he may be a Wind Spirit from Genert's Garden

Sources: Guide to Glorantha, Revealed Mythologies

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