Humans are most widespread intellectual species in Glorantha in the historical times, though Mostali, Uz, and Aldryami live in all regions of the world, known as the Elder Races for they were dominant races before the Time.

Humans are certainly the most populous and the most successful of races. Some of this dominance has come in more recent centuries of history. Some of this success comes from the scores of heroes, saints and mystics that have risen from the ranks and ascended in some way to make a connection to power for those that choose to follow in their path. Or perhaps it is the adaptability of humans that allows them to connect to the sources of magic that best suit their lands and protect them from their enemies.

Humans practice all of the forms of magic. They have a incredible number of cultures and these cultures might specialize in Theism, Shamanism, Mysticism or Sophism. They are also known to mix types of worship which is common in the Everything World.

Physically, Humans are about what you would expect. Some cultures go to the expense of making razors or scissors from bronze in order to groom in a different fashion, and some sub-types of humans grow substantially less hair on their faces or bodies, but as a rule, men are usually bearded, women have long tresses of hair.


  • Categorization of the whole races of the Humanity species in biological sense is unusual for ordinary Gloranthans, probably derived from God Learners.
  • They think whole human species into the major four species with similar physical features.
  • Each these four races can be divided into various cultural groups.
  • All of these groups have own creation stories and completely different in the worldview from that of the other group in an same species. For example, Malkioni Wareran has completely different worldview from that of the Theyalan Wareran.

Four RacesEdit

  • Agimori - Skin tones and features are reminiscent of African racial groups on Earth. This term is derived from the Mythology of the Pamalti Culture
  • Artmali - Blue colored skin, not similar to any racial groups on Earth. This categorization is derived from the Mythology of the Blue Moon people who had great power in the Storm Age
  • Kralori - Yellowish in skin-tone, physically similar to East Asian racial groups on Earth. This categorization is derived from the dominant cultural group of the eastern Genertela, more likely called Tanyen in Vithela.
  • Wareran - Features are physically similar to Indo-European racial groups on Earth. Its terminology is derived from Warera Triolina, one of the ancestress of Malkioni. As Wareran was their own race for the God Learners, though it includes Orlanthi and Pelorians, it is the consequence of bastardization and mix of the races in Genertela, or so they believed.


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