Below is a list of any human spoken languages known in Glorantha

  • Writing systems should be listed to Human Scripts.
  • Human languages can be divided to several families

Agimori LanguagesEdit

Arbennan LanguageEdit


Kresh LanguageEdit


Artmali LanguagesEdit

Veldang LanguageEdit


  • The Hsunchen speak their own totemic language.
  • This has been demonstrated to be the same regardless of chronology and distance.
  • For example, the Pendali of Dawn Age Seshnela, the Basmoli of Prax and the Basmoli of Tarien all speak the same language despite having no contact with each other for over two thousand years.

Logical LanguagesEdit

Carmanian Language Edit

Kachasti LanguageEdit

  • The oldest logical language.
  • Used by the Kachasti to speak to the inhabitants of Western Genertela.
  • Prior to its invention, the people of Danmalastan spoke by thought alone.
  • It is presumed ancestral to all other logical languages.

Loskalmi LanguageEdit

Ralian LanguageEdit

Seshnegi LanguageEdit

Vadeli LanguageEdit

Waertagi LanguageEdit

Zzaburi LanguageEdit

  • The language of the Zzaburi
  • Unchanged from the time of the Republic of Zerendel.

Masloi LanguagesEdit

  • The languages of the descendents of Thinobutu


  • A series of dialects spoken on Miirdek
  • Each city-state has its own dialect.

Kimotian LanguageEdit

Kumankan LanguageEdit




Balazaring LanguageEdit

Dara Happan LanguageEdit


  • Spoken by the people of Thrice Blessed
  • Said to be unrelated to any other language.


  • Spoken by the people of Jarst

New PelorianEdit

Pelandan LanguageEdit


Pentan LanguagesEdit

  • Spoken by the Pentans and related peoples.
  • Each major tribe has its own dialect.

Pure Horse SpeechEdit

  • Spoken by the extinct Pure Horse Tribe and the Grazers
  • The Grazers do not use it when talking with outsiders.
  • It has no written form.

Praxian LanguageEdit

  • Spoken by the Praxians of the Wastelands, including the Morocanth
  • It has no written script
  • A knot script is used to record some information.

Tanyen LanguagesEdit


Kralori LanguageEdit



Teshnan LanguagesEdit

High TeshnanEdit



Theyalan LanguagesEdit



Old PavicEdit


Talastari LanguageEdit



  • Due to the mythology of the Ygg's Isles, it's thought the Yggites and possibly some other Fronelan Orlanthi will have their own language.
  • The Umathelans will have their own languages.
  • The Orlanthi of Ralios will have their own languages.
  • The Entruli of Maniria will have their own languages.

Independent LanguagesEdit

  • Several human languages don't belong to any Language Families:


Teleos LanguageEdit

  • Spoken only by the natives of Teleos
  • Said to be unrelated to any other language
  • The only difference in the tribal dialects are the derogatory names they have for each other.


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