Queen of Duravan

  • A daughter of Ombalavor and Dovarilor.
  • She figures prominently in the Affairs At Dusk Myth
  • She was appointed by Govmeranen to rule the south on account of her wisdom, strength, harmony and popularity.
  • She sided with Keets and commanded the sea gods to come and see her.
  • She cursed Endaralath for mocking her rules.
  • It caused her land to flood and the war with the sea gods.
  • She sought help of Venforn but the two of his disciples visited her land.
  • She sought Sivoli.
  • Kamboli sought her but she refused him.
  • She is the mother of the first Queen of the Beautiful Dynasty of Churen with Tuan Anglou.
  • She was engulfed by the Sshorg.
  • She is remembered fondly by humans, keets and the gods
  • She is not worshipped.

Source: Revealed Mythologies

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