A Kethaelan Empire



  • Belintar rules the Holy Country.
  • Advising him is a council of six.
  • Beneath him are six Governors, one for each of the Sixths.
  • The Governors are assisted by Comes
  • Pharaonic government generally follows God Learner practice; a practice which the Pharaoh obtained from Esvular.
  • The Pharaoh actively monitors the performance of his officials and has often dimissed them for poor performance.
  • Harsh rule by his officials has not been grounds for dismissal.


  • Belintar split the military duties for each sixth.
  • He had a single overall Maximum General.
  • A Duke over each Province to organize and command those who follow him.
  • Belintar has appointed 11 dukes in Esrolia.





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