The richness of Glorantha's history is what makes such rabid fans that have been able to keep this setting alive for so many decades.

General Perspective in the CampaignsEdit

Depending on the campaign you play in, history has progress either about 900 years (if you are in the Imperial Age) or a little more than 1600 years since the start of time (if you are in the Modern Age). Little is recorded after about year 1650 ST and those events have poor precision. Here is a brief outline of that history (with links to more detailed information).


In a span that was without the normal passage of Time, the world was created and the Gods interacted with one another. The races were created and taught the ways of their patron. In other traditions, such as Wizardry, the prime force underwent many transitions, which created the world and the means by which book-magic can affect changes.

There are many versions of the creation story. (And remember, in the world of Glorantha, they are all true, even if they contradict one another. See Magic and Monomyth for more about this.) But they all end in trouble. Conflicts get introduce and the first of the gods, spirits and people begin to die in these conflicts. These dead are taken to the Underworld and cannot escape on their own. Ultimately the sun goes out.

Then things become worse. Chaos breaks into the world and it is capable of not only killing the divine and mortal creatures, but in many cases it can destroy them utterly. The many clusters of refugees learn new ways of survival from gods, greater spirits and saints that lead them through these dark times. Eventually they band together and fight the forces of Chaos. The sun is restored. (Again, the process by which this happens varies with culture.)

Time begins.


The Dawn AgeEdit

The Imperial AgeEdit

The Modern AgeEdit

History for GloranthansEdit

  • In Glorantha, historians exist in the civilized countries. But they are generally very subjective toward the topics they treat.
  • Intentional destruction and lost of the records routinely occurred in the past.
  • Lhankorings are protective toward the neutrality of the records, but their library is very poorly indexed libraries.
  • Several communities and races don't have concept of the history.


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