The art of interacting with the Otherside through conscious interaction with myth.

Canonical QuestsEdit

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King of SartarEdit


Sartar CompanionEdit

HeroQuest: GloranthaEdit

Sartar: Kingdom of HeroesEdit

Pavis: Gateway to AdventureEdit

The Eleven LightsEdit

Postcanonical QuestsEdit

HeroQuest 1Edit

  • Bonborn’s Story
  • Heavy Earth

Gathering ThunderEdit

  • Humakt and the Raven

Hero Wars: Roleplaying in GloranthaEdit

  • Hervald's Helm
  • The Grotto of Despair

Arcane LoreEdit

  • The Hill of Gold
  • Yelmalio’s Quest
  • The Courts of Silence
  • The Quest to Maintain Spirit
  • Other Orlanth Quests – The First Battle, The Downland Migration, Liberating Ernalda, Killing Aroka, The Fourteen Tribes, The Great Music Wind, The King Contest, Beast Wars, Crushing the Green, Winter is Scattered, Spirit Invasion, Doom Bar
  • Storm Over Sea – A Beginning
  • The Heroquests of Orlanth
  • The Quest of Knowledge
  • The Wyter Heroquest
  • Kargan Tor’s Court
  • Berserkergang Path
  • The Quest for Ten Strikes
  • A Humakti Scenario
  • So, You Want to Raise the Dead?
  • Elovare’s Blue Moon Heroquest
  • The Quest of the Seven Sky Gates
  • The Sun Dome Heroquest
  • The Path of Lightfore
  • Tale of the Twelve Brethren
  • The Crossroads
  • The Jackal’s Path
  • Alebard’s Quest (aka Journey to Fronela)
  • Hellmouth
  • The Quest of Renallien, Breaker of Bricks
  • Waha’s Beast-Quest
  • The Seven Sky Games

Other Published QuestsEdit

King of Dragon Pass Computer GameEdit

  • Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars
  • Elmal Guards the Stead
  • Ernalda Feeds the Tribe
  • Humakt the Champion
  • Issaries the Conciliator
  • Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth
  • The Making of the Storm Tribe
  • Orlanth and Aroka
  • Uralda’s Blessing

Tales of the Reaching MoonEdit

  • The Blue Boar Quest (issue 7)
  • The Silver Fox Quest (issue 7)
  • The Old Hare's Riddle (issue 7)
  • Reunion (issue 7)
  • Sky Quest (issue 7)
  • Quest for Flamal (issue 7)
  • Quest for Lodril (issue 7)
  • The Golden Barge (issue 4)