For about three years in the Hero Wars, Harrek sailed around Glorantha

  • The sole source for this is a summary of Harreksaga copied in Argrath's Saga (Sourthern Version) which focuses on Argrath.
  • Argrath:
  • Fought against the Elephants in Teshnos and discovered how to weaken them by cutting off their noses.
  • Aided the Purple People of Teleos and received the Emerald Frog as payment
  • trapped by the trees in Yanchi but survived and plundered the treacherous citizens when they returned
  • Helped Harrek fight the Bat People and establish his claim of conquest there.
  • Found the Iron Door (Described as a city) at Jrustela.
  • He was forced to flee when the mountain collapsed and was one of three people tohold the others at bay until Harrek returned.
  • Supported Hunralki at Pithdaros and gained the Red Gold Knife from plundering Noloswal


  • The three year length of this voyage suggests that it took place between 1621 ST (which is when the Cradle occurred) and 1624 ST which is when Harrek fought at the Battle of Pennel Ford
  • However Harrek is supposed to set up a Kingdom in Laskal which according to the chronology, he abandons almost immediately.
  • According to the Genertela Book, Harrek and the Wolf Pirates have already raided Teshnos, Melib, Jrustela, Umathela and even Golden Kareeshtu.
  • A better interpretation of this event is that Harrek's circumnavigation took place at an unspecified time in the Hero Wars. In detailing the places that he visited, the compiler of the Saga described events that had occurred when Harrek visited those places regardless of whether they had taken place on the circumnavigation or on a raid before or after the circumnavigation.
  • Another point is that when the Saga attributes many events to Argrath, they need not necessarily mean Prince Argrath but an Arkati whom an Orlanthi scholar would translate as Argrath.


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