A famous Heortling hero of the Gbaji Wars



HeroQuests (Storm Tribe)Edit

  • If true, this means the last visit took place in 422 ST which cannot be right.
  • Harmast became a devotee here?

HeroQuests (RuneQuest Companion)Edit

  • This fits in with Harmast's Quest where he received the Second Initiation.
  • To scout the Path to the Hidden Gate
  • To arm himself with his sword, shield and boots.
  • The shield is perhaps the Nennorian Shield which he gained on his fourteenth journey.
  • The last journey before the Lightbringers Quest.
  • Probably a reference to his thirteenth journey.
  • The Lightbringers Quest where he found Arkat and freed him.
  • To regain his plow and sow from Jajamokki.
  • This would have to be before 440 ST



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