A King of High Pelanda

  • Also called an Emperor and a High King.
  • He was a favorite grandson of Idomon. His father was Turenus.
  • He married Fetter, the Wife of Money
  • He is called "who was not too proud to learn and not too humble to teach."
  • He spread the teaching of Idovanus which ended the last human sacrifice among the Pelandans.
  • His best friend is Ekus the Wild Man.
  • He helped Eskarlavus to defeat Riskesting, who rode giant man-eating birds.
  • Bisos was tamed so that the oxen pulled the plows.
  • He ruled 1000 years, after that, he went upon the burning wagon to join the Pelandan High Gods.
  • After He was gone from the world, the moral virtue dissipated.
  • He was called Garthum in the Unity List.