The isle of Ezel Balurenesh.

  • Origin of the Ezelito
  • It was a poor island compared to its neighbours.
  • It was poor in water.
  • Half the isle was submerged at high tide.
  • It had no soil, just small rocks and gravel.
  • The shore was too steep for crabs or mussel
  • It never received any flotsam
  • No boats could moor without an extremely long rope.
  • The resident keets were good swimmers.
  • The keets used to be able to go to the Green Island to feed.
  • Sed Parad showed them in early in the Chaos Age that the Green Isle was a dream
  • This prompted the journey of Ezel Balurenesh later in the same age.
  • As a result of Ezel's revelations, the keets acquired wings so they could feed in the neighbouring isles on fruit, worms, bezel shoots and Mangos

Source: Revealed Mythologies

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