Evil and Dark God of the Lie.

Manifestations in the WorldEdit

Myths and DeedsEdit

  • His favourite creature was the Firberra.
  • He threw a Death Dart at Kenstrata but the latter's Longarm repelled the attack.
  • He turned Purendi into a Deer as an act of revenge.
  • When he appeared, he came out of the smoke pillar in the fire pit.
  • His throne was a black mountain which imprisoned Five Domestic Grains and Eight Domestic Animals.
  • Idojartos killed the cold master, but afterwards he also died.
  • He and Idovanus are the twin sons of Primolt and Uleria.
  • In the Battle of Two, he twisted his rage into a Dragon, which clawed out Idovanus' eye.
  • He kidnapped DenegEria

Likes and DislikesEdit

Holy DaysEdit