Emperor of the Khordavu Dynasty

  • Became Emperor in 306 ST
  • Conquered the Lendarshi on a pretext they were harbouring wicked men.
  • Couldn't be ambushed in the woods which negated the main tactic of his enemies (the Pelandans?).
  • He was killed in a rebellion in 333 ST, blamed on Mahzanelm
  • His killer is said to be either Mahzanelm or a rank commoner.
  • The Elmexdros Roll implies that Mahzanelm did not revolt but intimidated the other princes so he could attempt the Ten Tests alone.


  • Mahzanelm is described as a cousin of Anirdavu, Erraibdavu's predecessor
  • His revolt suggests a power struggle within the Imperial Family.
  • See the Khordavu Dynasty for more.