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A city in Heortland


  • It is on the last navigable part of the river above the fjord.
  • Capital of Heortland
  • Capital of the Hurlant Tribe
  • Main Port for Heortland.
  • Has a massive fortress-palace built in the Nochet style.
  • Its population is 10,000
  • The Durengard Scroll is named after this place.

Imperial AgeEdit

  • Built just below where the Uxeler River tumbles into the sea.
  • Comment: Modern Durengard is above the fjord.
  • It was the last place a sea-going ship can dock.
  • Capital of a Hendriki tribe.
  • All public events - trade, law and worship - took place in the central courtyard.
  • Surrounded by a low wall of stone.
  • Described as constantly arguing and quarreling.
  • They appoint Judges to rule them.
  • Court days are widely attended.
  • They tolerate a small Aeolian community and permit them a Judge and tax them.
  • A stone bridge crosses the Bullflood River rapids near the city.

History Edit

Imperial AgeEdit

Modern AgeEdit


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