The leading Malki state in Umathela.


  • It has a population of 335,000 of which 55,000 live in cities.
  • It has 100,000 Worlathi of which 10,000 live in cities
  • It has 225,000 Malki of which 35,000 live in cities
  • It has 10,000 Brown Vadeli, all living in cities.
  • It has the largest minorities of Torabs and Vadeli in Umathela.
  • Famous for its Apples, Oranges, Tea, Wine and Wheat
  • It uses coastal Oaks for shipbuilding with ceremonies to appease the Green Elves of Vralos



  • It maintains a navy of Penteconters and Biremes
  • Its ships are equipped with above-water spurs rather than battering rams.
  • Many ships are armed with Ballistas firing flaming projectiles.
  • The Patriarch dictates to the other Umathelan countries how many ships they may have.



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