A social custom among the Malkioni and the Zzaburi.

  • They divide their men into one of four castes: Commoner, Soldier, Wizard and Ruler.
  • Certain Sects and Heresies have modified the caste system, the most common modification being the caste of Knights.
  • Castes are normally inherited through the father although in the case of bastardry, the mother's father's caste can be inherited.
  • Women have no caste, although in practice they can perform the duties of their father or husband without offense.

Dawn AgeEdit


Imperial AgeEdit

The Middle Sea EmpireEdit

Modern AgeEdit


  • The Loskalmi believe that all men should rise through the castes.
  • The higher castes of wizard and lord are only attainable through knighthood.


  • The Rokari believe then men should live and die within their castes. 
  • Their knights are members of the soldier caste.

The Quinpolic LeagueEdit

  • People can purchase caste title in much the same way as they can purchase an office or land.
  • This is viewed as rank corruption by outsiders.

Caste TitlesEdit

Some churches hold unique names for each castes:

Sect Commoner Soldier Wizard Ruler
Brithini Dronar or Dromali Horali Zzaburi Talari
Carmanian School (Native Pelandans) Hazar Vizier Carmanoi


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