Battle fought in 379 ST between the Empire of Light and the remnants of the Unity Council.


The Great Army of RestraintEdit

Left Wing, Storm ArmyEdit

Centre, Dorastran ArmyEdit

Right Wing, Dara Happan ArmyEdit

Army of DefenseEdit

Right Wing, Theyalan ArmyEdit

Centre, Unity Council ArmyEdit

Left Wing, UzEdit


  • The battle went poorly for the Dorastran Army until Daysenerus appeared, breaking the Compromise
  • This caused Gore and Gash to manifest among the Uz
  • The Uz Heroes were driven off by Palangio inflamed with the power of Daysenerus.
  • Kyger Litor herself appeared to devour the new god.
  • Nysalor appeared in response. He was devoured by Kyger Litor and inflicted the Trollkin curse.


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