A cosmic battle fought at Castle Blue in 1245 ST.


  • Quarrels broke out between the Veth Ethdisi and the Lunars on the shores of Lake Oronin
  • Vyran sent three swift foot servants for vengeance; the Lunars slew them and crippled them so they could never walk again.
  • Three lunars (two women in red and one man in crimson) then tried to introduce Slime Worms into the castle; they were caught and executed.
  • Doskalos then raided the castle with his companions; he was slain by Alakoring
  • An army of dead then sailed out from the Castle and burned Meglardinth.
  • The Red Goddess, realizing that the Cosmic Compromise was broken at the Castle, decided to use it as the means for her apotheosis.


Lunar ParticipantsEdit

Orlanthi ParticipantsEdit

Oroninae ParticipantsEdit



  • In the second year, an army of wood came to fight. Then an army of stone. Then an army of metal. And finally in sacred time there came an army of fire.
  • Once, the sky above the castle turned to water.
  • Another time, the fires on the islands turned into crystal and shattered.
  • Lightning was imprisoned in water for a year and a day.
  • A colour was stolen from the rainbow and returned as a peace offering.


  • The battle was a victory for the Red Goddess.
  • The Veth Ethdisi permitted a single migration of strangers to enter and then shut their gates.
  • The castle then vanished.


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