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Some of rules below has changed due to necessity and conversations.

  1. Root Directory: is \[\[Category: Glorantha\]\]. All categories are subcategories of it.
  2. Direct Children of the Root Directory; almost all are named as \[\Gloranthan [{major category} \]\]. Which indicates the child of the Root Directory. Some exceptions are known. Some cultural second levels are labelled as \[\[Category: {category} of Glorantha\]\].
  3. Cultural/Historical/Geographical Categorizations: Though some categories cannot be bound from it.
  4. Culture: is sometimes land bound (Malkioni, Dara Happans) not for others. (nomads, sea-peoples)
  5. History includes Mythical Time (before the Three Othersides crushed and the Great Compromise was made)
  6. Geography: might be detailed from Continent, Region (Seshnela, Maniria, etc..), Minor Region (Kethaela).
  7. External link: should be used cautiously, administration of website is hard if it has many external links which is not stable.
  8. References: References are concentrated to \[\[Category: Gloranthan Publications\]\]. I am not sure about rules without world settings like HeroQuest Second Edition.
  9. Glorantha is a world full of enigma and intentional confusions: see several articles for "Problems", "Disambiguations" and "Greggings" for it.
  10. Official source has priority. There are lot of Gloranthan Fanzines. Sometimes meaning of "official" is vague, this Wiki shows some peculiar affinity like about Mongoose Kralorela). Priorities are:
    1. Stafford Library
    2. Greg's Writings in Issaries Publication
    3. Greg's Writings in Other Publication (Mostly Avalonhill or Chaosium)
    4. Greg's Writings in Website
    5. Other ones Writings in Issaries Publication
    6. Other ones Writings in Issaries Website
    7. Greg's Writings from Fanzines. (Like Tales)
    8. Other ones Writings in Avalonhill or Chaosium
    9. Mongoose Second Age Glorantha
    10. Several Good Fanzines (Like Tales, BoDR, etc...)
    11. Several Fanzines
  11. Categories: has priority than content. It is personal regulation of information at first.

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