A war against Sortum

  • After the Avanapdur War, the Sons of the Bolt attempted to storm Sortum but were driven off with heavy losses.
  • They then undertook twenty-eight years of austerity in order to become pure as the Bolt so they could enter Sortum.
  • The austerity ended with three heroes being judged equally worthy of leading the invading armies - Mon Verlo, Kumanti Lun and Hua Lowchu.
  • Sortum was defended by Andins, the Sortum Legion and finally the Ku Lords. All were defeated.
  • Janadi's lair was taken and Janadi killed along with just about every other Adpara there.
  • Herespur survived because Mon Verlo owed him past favours.
  • Veredengeni who fled westward to hide in the Shan Shan

Source: Revealed Mythologies

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