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A saga on Argrath presented in King of Sartar.

Copies in Harshax Year 156Edit

  • ExC#428 (Enexander Collection #428)
  • ExC#437 (Enexander Collection #437)
  • ExC#438 (Enexander Collection #438)
  • PEC#25234 (Or Prince Eugene's Collection #25234)


Below is a thesis by David Sterling (msp?).

  • An original version was composed. (Eighty years before the Harshax Year 0)
  • Subsequently two augmented copies were created; the northern version with additional lunar material while the southern version had sartar material instead. (Forty years before the Harshax Year 0)
  • Finally a combined version was created by Doranda the Quill in Harshax Year 0.

Then the absent years followed which missed many copies.


  • It contains seven chapters.
  • An annotated version exists which makes clear the insertions from the northern or the southern versions.


First ChapterEdit

Second ChapterEdit

Third ChapterEdit

Fourth ChapterEdit

Fifth ChapterEdit

Sixth ChapterEdit

Seventh ChapterEdit


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